CPR Instructions

  1. Call 911
  2. Push Hard & Fast

(Do the compressions to the beat of “Stayin’ Alive”)

Only perform CPR when the person who has collapsed

  • Is unresponsive to any stimuli
  • Is not Breathing
  • Has no pulse

Find the middle of the person’s nipple line, use the heel of one hand, interlock that hand with the other, straighten your arms, and start the compressions. When you get tired get someone else to take over, keep doing CPR until the person becomes responsive or until help arrives.

First Aid:

  • Make Sure the Scene is Safe
  • Put on appropriate personal protective equipment (gloves, glasses, etc.)
  • Figure out what the problem is

Call 911, Stop Major Bleeding or Immediate Threat, Comfort Patient, Start CPR if Necessary.

Common Emergencies:

  • Chest Pain- Keep the person calm. Check if the person is pale and sweating.
  • Shortness of Breath- Ask if the person has an inhaler or meds. Keep person calm.
  • Abdominal Pain- Find out if this is a common issue for the person or not.
  • Traumatic Injuries- Leave the person still and as is, unless doing so will cause more harm
  • Bleeding- Control the bleeding. Put Gause dressing on the open wound and apply pressure for 3-4mins. If the bleeding persists, apply more dressing and pressure then elevate the wounded area. Do not take off the dressing.
  • Allergic Reaction- Ask if the person has an Epi pen, take off the cap and put the epi pen against the side of the person’s leg. The pen will auto inject)
  • Choking- Heimlich maneuver (Make a fist, bring it to the person’s Naval, then roll it up beneath the sternum. Pull in and up. If the person stops breathing perform CPR)


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