Earthquake safety

Option 1) Get under your desk, hold onto it, stay there!
Option 2) stand against an Interior wall, cover your head and neck, and stay there!

Standing in a doorway is not a good idea. You're more likely to be hurt by the door swinging wildly in a doorway or trampled by people trying to hurry outside if you’re in a public place.

During an Earthquake

  • If you're indoors, stay there. Get under -- and hold onto --a desk or table, or stand against an interior wall. Wait for the shaken to subside and walk out of the building calmly or wait for help. Stay clear of exterior walls, glass, heavy furniture, fireplaces and appliances. The kitchen is a particularly dangerous spot. Stay away from windows and outside walls and do not use the elevator.
  • If you're outside, get into the open. Stay clear of buildings, power lines or anything else that could fall on you.
  • If you’re in a crowded public place, avoid panicking and do not rush for the exit. Stay low and cover your head and neck with your hands and arms.

After an Earthquake

  • Check for fire or fire hazards. If you smell gas, shut off the main gas valve. If there's evidence of damage to electrical wiring, shut off the power at the control box.
  • Remember that aftershocks, sometimes large enough to cause damage in their own right, generally follow large quakes.


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